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225 S Worthington Street, West Chester, PA 19382

Items We Do Not Accept

Company Truck, Scrap Metal Dealer in West Chester, PA
• Safes
• Paint Cans
• Free-Flowing Fluid
• Tanks of Any Kind
• Any Type of Cylinder
• Wood, Rubber, or Glass
• Nickel Cadmium Batteries
• Concrete, Brick, or Chemicals
• Aerosol or Chemical Containers
• Gasoline, Motor Oil, or Transmission Fluid
• Fluorescent Lights with Ballast (May Have PCBs)
• Transformers That Are Oil-Based (May Have PCBs)

Additional Notes

Fuel oil tanks must be cut in half or a 2'x2' hole made so we can see there is no fluid.
Freon™ in AC, refrigerator, freezer, or dehumidifier must be evacuated and stickered.
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