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Scrap Metal Dealer & Buyer in West Chester, Pennsylvania


Paying Cash for Scrap

Don’t throw away your metals. Instead, make a profit at our scrap metal recycling center. Whether you have aluminum cans, stainless steel, or batteries, we pay for any metal via cash or check. Tractor trailer and container service is available for Industrial, Demolition and other large jobs. Our containers range in size from 12 cubic yards up to 30 cubic yards. Contract pricing is available based on national publications. There’s no need to fill up the landfill when you can recycle.

Metals We Do Not Accept

There are certain metals and items we do not accept. Before visiting us to dispose of your scrap metal, browse our do-not-buy page for more information.
Contact us in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for more information about what we can offer you as a scrap metal buyer.

About Us

J.E. Kodish & Sons, Inc. is a third-generation scrap metal and iron dealer located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Make money on your unused junk by turning to us. Since 1938, we have been providing competitive prices for all types of metal. You will receive immediate cash payment for your scraps.

As a family-owned business and scrap metal buyer, we are dedicated to cleaning up the environment by recycling unused metal products. In addition, we pride ourselves in offering fair pricing as well as top-notch customer service. Our friendly and inviting staff is always willing to help you.